Corda Network Foundation Document history

Code of Conduct

1 Introduction

The Corda Network Foundation (“Foundation”) was created to govern Corda Network in a transparent and democratic manner, and to facilitate stable operations with a long-term perspective, over and above the interest of any individual or organization.

2 Policy

The Governing Board[1], is committed to the widespread adoption of Corda Network across all industries and upholding the Corda Network Foundation Governing Guidelines.

The Governing Board of the Corda Foundation is committed to:

  • Respecting each other and promoting a fair, ethical and professional environment. Members serving on the Board will have diverse backgrounds and experiences. We acknowledge these differences and treat everyone with fairness, dignity, and respect.
  • Not tolerating discrimination and discriminatory behaviour against Board members or groups joining Corda Network. Discrimination is the prejudicial treatment of an individual based on criteria such as physical appearance, race, thnic origin, genetic differences, national or social origin, name, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, education, wealth, domicile, political view, morals or employment.
  • Avoiding anti-competitive and anti-bribery tactics. The Governing Board is prohibited from offering, making, or receiving, directly or indirectly, anything of value (i.e., payments, goods or services), for the purpose of gaining an improper competitive advantage or inducing or rewarding the improper performance of a relevant function or activity. This includes offering or giving anything of value to government officials.
  • Avoiding conflicts between the interest of the Foundation and Board members’ personal interest. The Governing Board shall not derive and personally profit or gain, directly or indirectly, by reason of his or her service. This also includes non-monetary favours from a third party to influence a Corda Network decision. Nevertheless, if conflicts do arise, the guidance in the Conflicts of Interest Policy must be followed.
  • Full transparency of strategic decisions and issues related to Corda Network. All meetings and material issues arising from internal / external reviews will be available to members of Corda Network.
  • Respecting the privacy and confidentiality of data you access and of information about the Corda Network, its operations, or other information that is marked confidential. Complying with Foundation policies and procedures, and governmental laws, rules and regulations. Violations of Foundation policies or the law may lead to disciplinary action, including termination, criminal penalties, and civil liability.
  • If you believe a member of the Governing Board, a network operator, a Corda Network participant or any third party affiliated with the Corda Network Foundation has engaged in inappropriate behavior, escalate the situation. Those who report illegal or improper activity in good faith will be protected from retaliation.

[1] The Governing Board includes individuals in active and observer roles who may participate in strategic Board decisions or committees.