Corda Network Foundation Document history

Considerations before Joining Corda Network

Before joining Corda Network, would-be Participants should:

  • Be familiar with the objectives, policies and standards of the Corda Network as described on

  • Have conducted the appropriate project management and operational activities within their organisation to authorise the set up and operation of the Node for live business use and to to agree commercial terms and sign the Corda Network Terms of Use

  • Be familiar with Corda and key Corda concepts as described in the Corda documentation (

  • Have agreed to license Corda under the appropriate licence (Corda, Corda Enterprise).

  • Have access to at least one CorDapp that they wish to deploy in Corda Network.

  • Be able to supply a dedicated IP address for communications with their node - typical network configurations are described at Corda Firewall.