Corda Network Foundation Document history

Network Parameter Updates

Addition of new and updates to existing parameters

Network parameters specify things like Minimum Platform Version and whitelisted notaries which, although not expected to change frequently, nevertheless will need to be updated over time. Our docs site has more detail.

Every 2 months for the Production environment, the Network Operator will announce the changes ahead of time and execute the changes for a maintenance window on Saturday mornings. This shall commence at 10am UTC.

For 2019, Network Parameter upgrade Windows will be run, on the following Saturdays:

  • June 29th
  • August 31st
  • October 26th
  • December 14th

The planned annual dates will also be communicated by the Network Operator to all participants in advance on, and if anything needs to change, reasonable advance notice to all participants will be uploaded onto this website.

The following are to be provided by participants:

If participants wish to change any network parameters, including a new public notary, they must give notice to the Operator ( 20 business days in advance of the scheduled Network Parameter window, or else they will have to wait for the next window.

If they have contracts for whitelisting, this must be provided no later than the Monday preceding the change window at 1200 UTC.