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Advisory Governance Event: #1 | 07 May 2019

Proposal Converge the UAT Network (or sometimes known as “Pre-Production” Network) to be part of the Corda Network Foundation’s overall remit. For more details, please see here:

Rationale Most, if not all, of Corda Network customers will be joining both Pre-Production and Production. Bringing both networks under the same remit and governance will make the overall customer onboarding and ongoing experience much smoother, in terms of there being

  • 1 legal agreement
  • 1 streamlined price for both UAT and Production as well as from a billing and data management perspective.

We also expect that customers can join just once (in UAT) and not have to re-onboard onto Production.

Conclusion Stakeholders in R3 (Product and Production teams as well as Legal and Finance) as well as the Transition Board of the Corda Network Foundation are unanimously agreed.

Decision The decision has been taken to merge UAT into the remit of Corda Network Foundation. The transition is now underway.