Corda Network Foundation Document history


Corda Network Foundation expects to hold all discussions in public. Our community is centred around the Corda Network mailing list, where we debate policy changes, and attempt to support the community by helping each other with questions and answers.

We also meet face to face frequently at Corda meetups, especially in London. And we are happy to help on the Corda Network Slack channel - join and please tag @jamescarlyle or @caroquinn there or join #corda-network

Contacting the Foundation

1 Email

Please use this email address:

2 Telephone

Please use this telephone number, hosted by the current operator R3, and ask for ‘Corda Network’:

+44 (0)207 113 1500

3 Mailing Address

The Foundation’s mailing address is:

Corda Network Foundation Stichting,\ Johan Huizingalaan 763A,\ 1066 VH,\ Amsterdam,\ Netherlands