Corda Network Foundation Document history

Key services

Corda Network has it’s own Trust Root – the single, long-term cryptographic key which all the certificates on the Network root back to, and is the basis of trust in the provenance of data, recognised by participants. For Corda Network, this is offline and secured in custody by the Corda Network Foundation.

Identity Operator

The Identity Operator admits new participants onto Corda Network. The service receives certificate signing requests (CSRs) from prospective network participants (sometimes via a business network operator) and reviews the information submitted.

A digitally signed participation certificate (based on the Corda Network Trust Root) is returned if:

  • The participant meets the requirements specified in the bylaws and policies of the Foundation (broadly speaking, limited to sanction screening only);
  • The participant agrees to Corda Network participant terms of use.

The Corda Network node can then use the participation certificate to register itself with the Network Map Service.

Network Map Service

The Network Map Service accepts digitally signed documents describing network routing and identifying information from nodes, based on the participation certificates signed by the Identity Service, and makes this information available to all Corda Network nodes.

Notary Service

Corda design separates correctness consensus from uniqueness consensus, and the latter is provided by one or more Notary Services. The Notary will digitally sign a transaction presented to it, provided no transaction referring to any of the same inputs has been previously signed by the Notary, and the transaction timestamp is within bounds.

Business network operators and network participants may choose to enter into legal agreements which rely on the presence of such digital signatures when determining whether a transaction to which they are party, or upon the details of which they otherwise rely, is to be treated as ‘confirmed’ in accordance with the terms of the underlying agreement.

Support Service

The Support Service is provided to participants and business network operators to manage and resolve inquiries and incidents relating to the Identity Service, Network Map Service and Notary Services.

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