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Business Networks Toolkit: An Open Source Project

This article assumes the reader’s familiarity with the concept of Business Networks. For more information about Business Networks, please visit Corda Solutions website.

Business Networks (BNs) are an abstraction layer on top of Corda Network, that allows multiple business applications to work and to interoperate within a single global shared environment.

Business Networks provide the benefits of private networks, such as control over membership, while at the same time enabling cross Business Network transactions, all operating within the same zone: Corda Network.

Business Network functionality can be implemented at the CorDapp level and it’s not a part of the Corda core itself. A particular implementation can be chosen by a Business Network Operator (BNO) at their own discretion.

The Business Networks Toolkit is an Open Source project maintained by R3. It contains a set of utilities that aim to help Business Network Operators to run their Business Networks:

  • Business Network Membership Service (BNMS). BNMS is an extensible service that allows BNOs to manage memberships on their Business Networks. It provides APIs to
    • on-board new members
    • suspend the existing members
    • associate a custom metadata with a node’s identity and
    • distribute it to the Business Network

    BNMS can be used by multiple CorDapps simultaneously and allows a single node to participate in multiple Business Networks, while managing all memberships within a single application. BNMS distributes any changes to the memberships in near real- time and can provide instant membership revocations.

  • CorDapp Distribution Service (CDS). CDS aims to tackle the problem of CorDapp updates distribution. It allows Business Network members to subscribe to one or multiple distribution channels and to automatically download CorDapp updates whenever they get released. CDS heavily utilises Maven infrastructure and can be easily integrated into an existing enterprise deployment, without requiring any changes to allow an extra ingress traffic.

  • Ledger Sync Service. Ledger Sync Service allows Business Network participants to verify their ledgers’ consistency, and to recover the ledger from their counterparts in the case of a data loss.

  • The Billing Service. This can be used for billing and metering on Business Networks.

The Business Network Toolkit can be easily integrated into your solution. For more details, please visit the repositories referenced above.